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This week: Losing any sense of time in the coronavirus crisis / Reading ‘Moby Dick’ while alone / How humans endure isolation / The natural world is blossoming / Sex workers in Spain adjust to the pandemic

This week: Losing any sense of time in the coronavirus crisis / Reading ‘Moby Dick’ / How humans endure isolation / The natural world is blossoming / Sex workers in Spain adjust to the pandemic

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1. Why Coronavirus Makes February Feel Like Six Months Ago
By Jesse Singal | Intelligencer :: New York Magazine | April 2020
“As the new reality of coronavirus has swept over the country and gradually sunk in, it has brought with it a strange distortion of time. March, naturally, was the month most affected: It feels like someone physically stretched it out, like it took 100 days for it to unfold in all its horror and weirdness.”

2. How to Read Moby-Dick, The Perfect Book for Troubled Times
By Alex Scordelis| InsideHook | April 2020
“Two chapters a night, at your desk, with a glass of Scotch”

3. The Big Burn
American Experience :: PBS | January 2019
“In the summer of 1910, the largest fire in American history raged in the Northern Rockies.”

4. The Pandemic Is Turning the Natural World Upside Down
By Marina Koren | The Atlantic | April 2020
“Widespread social-distancing measures have produced some jarring effects across land, air, and sea.”
Also see, from the Houston Chronicle: Seismologists search for new earthquake data in suddenly silent world

5. Inside the Male-Dominated Meme Hijacked by Lib-Bashing Trumpsters
By Soham Gadre | The Daily Beast | April 2020
“The new documentary ‘TFW NO GF (That Face When No Girlfriend)’ examines the wildly popular Wojak meme — and why lost, lonely young men relate to it so deeply.”

6. How the coronavirus crisis has affected sex workers in one of Europe’s biggest brothels
By Rebeca Carranco | El Pais | April 2020
“Women at a well-known club in the Catalan border town of La Jonquera were turned out on the street from one day to the next”

7. How will humans, by nature social animals, fare when isolated?
The Economist | April 2020
“Covid-19 will harm people’s mental health”

8. Exxon’s Snake Oil
By Savannah Jacobson | Columbia Journalism Review | Spring 2020
“The story of oil company propaganda begins in 1914, with the Ludlow Massacre.”

9. “When can we really rest?”
By Nadja Drost, Carlos Villalón, Bruno Federico and Lisette Poole | The California Sunday Magazine| April 2020
“More migrants than ever are crossing the Colombia-Panama border to reach the U.S. Five days inside the Darién Gap, one of the most dangerous journeys in the world.”

10. ‘The Woman in Michigan’ Goes National
By Tim Alberta | Politico Magazine | April 2020
“Governor Gretchen Whitmer is dealing with a historic pandemic, a bullying president and a big job tryout.”

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