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This week: Women in midlife / 78 new emotions to deal with / Matt Drudge turns on Trump / Cookies baked in space / Clinton and Nixon impeachments, in retrospect

This week: Women in midlife / 78 new emotions to deal with / Matt Drudge turns on Trump / Cookies baked in space / Clinton and Nixon impeachments, in retrospect

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1. Fighting Words: Journalism Under Assault in Central and Eastern Europe
By Meera Selva | Reuters Institute | January 2020
“This report focused very much on the experience of working journalists and the threats that they directly identify. The journalists questioned spoke of coming under attack from politicians who discredit individual journalists and media outlets, launch vexatious lawsuits, and weaponise government advertising revenue to harm critical media and financially boost friendly outlets.”

2. Liegasm, Jealoushy, and Feminamity
The Cut :: New York Magazine | February 2020
“Introducing 78 new emotions.”

3. The Wounded Presidency
By Timothy Naftali | Foreign Affairs | January 2020
The untold stories of U.S. foreign policy during the Nixon and Clinton impeachment crises, in two parts.

4. This is what midlife looks like for women
By Ann Neumann and Elinor Carucci | The Guardian | January 2020
“Guts, blood, hair, sex and love — it’s time to reclaim menopause as a time for self-discovery”

5. Why did Matt Drudge turn on Donald Trump?
By Bob Norman | Columbia Journalism Review | January 2020
“He didn’t sound angry; much of the call was oddly pleasant. But he became defensive when I asked him if he felt he was in danger from fans or stalkers. ”

6. This Sculpture Holds a Decades-Old C.I.A. Mystery. And Now, Another Clue.
By John Schwartz and Jonathan Corum | The New York Times | January 2020
“Kryptos, a sculpture in a courtyard at the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Va., holds an encrypted message that has not fully yielded to attempts to crack it. It’s been nearly 30 years since its tall scroll of copper with thousands of punched-through letters was set in place.”

7. Highway to Hell
By Christian Wallace | Boomtown :: Texas Monthly | December 2019
“In the first episode of our new podcast series, host Christian Wallace takes us back to his hometown in the Permian Basin, which is nearly unrecognizable to him today. We meet a few of the people whose lives have been upended by the biggest oil boom in U.S. history.”

8. First space-baked cookies took 2 hours in experimental oven
By Marcia Dunn | Associated Press | January 2020
“And how do they taste? No one knows. Still sealed in individual baking pouches and packed in their spaceflight container, the cookies remain frozen in a Houston-area lab after splashing down two weeks ago in a SpaceX capsule. They were the first food baked in space from raw ingredients.”

9. The best Apple iPad apps of all time: Media players, graphics tools and more
By Alison DeNisco Rayome | CNET | January 2020
“On the iPad’s 10th birthday, we look back at the apps that have made Apple’s tablet a hit with people of all ages.”

10. What Is Postpartum Depression? Recognizing The Signs And Getting Help
By Rhitu Chatterjee | Life Kit :: NPR | January 2020
“Left untreated, depression during this time can have serious consequences on the health of the mother, the baby and the entire family.”

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