Recommended reading / viewing / listening

Coverage of the Caylee case … Searching for Cleopatra … Diseases that plagued George Washington … A long Arab summer … Remembering the Piper Alpha explosion.

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1. Caylee & Brisenia: Why the Difference in Coverage?
By Victor Landa | NewsTaco | July 6
“When was the last time you heard Nancy Grace rail obnoxiously from the television screen about the murder of Brisenia Flores?”

2. The Search for Cleopatra
By Chip Brown | National Geographic | July 2011
“Archaeologists search for the true face — and the burial place — of the ‘world’s first celebrity.’ ”

3. Researcher IDs Remains Of Unknown Civil War Soldier
By Edgar Treiguts | NPR | July 4
“Hundreds of thousands of soldiers died on Civil War battlefields. Many of the fallen were moved and buried in national cemeteries. But some lie in unmarked graves on the fields where they died. Edgar Treiguts of Georgia Public Broadcasting brings us this story on an effort to identify one soldier. ”

4. Divorce ceremonies pick up in Japan after disaster
Reuters | July 4
“Ceremonies to celebrate divorces have gained momentum in Japan after the massive March earthquake and tsunami, followed by an ongoing nuclear crisis, caused unhappy couples to reassess their lives.”

5. The 9 Deadly Diseases That Plagued George Washington
By Jason Kane | The Rundown :: PBS NewsHour | July 4
“Tuberculosis. Malaria. Smallpox. Dysentery. Some of the deadliest ailments of the 18th century attacked him early and often.”

6. Entrepreneur’s plan converts wind into jobs
By Mike D. Smith | Corpus Christi Caller-Times | July 4
“Big. Loud. Unsightly. Those are some of the negatives hurled out about the turbines powering the wind energy industry. … Byron Loftin, chief executive officer of 3eWerks Inc. … not only thinks he’s found the product that quells all those worries, but he said in a few years he will have a local facility building them.”

7. The Arab Spring Has Given Way to a Long, Hot Summer
By Richard Haass | Council on Foreign Relations | July 6
“Looked at more broadly, the stalling of the Arab spring has both revealed and widened the breach between the US and Saudi Arabia.”

8. Military Suicide Condolence Letters: White House Lifts Ban
Associated Press and the Hiuffington Post | July 6
“The White House says that families of service members who commit suicide while deployed abroad are now getting condolence letters from the president just like families of troops who die in other ways.”

9. Platon and the many faces of world power
By Emily Kasriel | The Guardian | July 6
“Photographer Platon’s new collection of images, ‘Power,’ published by Chronicle Books, provides glimpses of what lies behind world leaders’ carefully constructed auras”

10. Piper Alpha
Witness :: BBC News | July 6
“We hear from a survivor from the 1988 Piper Alpha oil rig disaster that killed 167 people.”

Author: Fernando Ortiz Jr.

Handsome gentleman scholar, Civil War historian, unpretentious intellectual, world traveler, successful writer.

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